UK progress towards waste repository stalls

After a 7-3 vote by Cumbria County Council to halt investigations into locating the UK’s high-level waste repository there, the UK has no live options for it.  Two Local Boroughs in Cumbria are strongly in favour of locating the repository there, but agreement at both regional and local government level is necessary.  Four years progress has been stalled.  The site selection process is based on a principle of voluntarism under which communities explore their options with the right to withdraw at any time. The same policy has been applied with success in Finland and Sweden to find suitable and welcoming places for radioactive waste disposal.  The vast majority of UK high-level wastes are already in Cumbria, in interim storage.  Despite the vote, the County Council hoped that “The nuclear industry is, and will continue to be, a key part of the Cumbrian economy.” WNN 30/1/13.

One thought on “UK progress towards waste repository stalls

  1. Not sure about Cumbria! It is sheer madness to spend £12bn when a simple old mine and some proper education are all that is necessary. Perhaps it will force DECC to face the real problem instead of throwing money at it (and failing).

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