A Green Solution

Affordable, safe, clean energy – shouldn’t we consider the nuclear option?

Civil Nuclear Power can make an enormous contribution to sustainable and efficient energy production in the UK by offering plentiful and affordable electricity with the lowest carbon footprint of all power generating technologies.  Most nuclear reactors generate energy by using ceramic uranium dioxide that is contained in metal rods. The reactor produces energy by splitting the uranium atoms, and when most of the uranium atoms have been split, the residual material is removed from the reactor and stored in water pools to displace the heat generated from the waste and to protect employees from the radiation.

Currently, electricity production is dependent on market prices for fuel, and more importantly we don’t have security of supply. In fact we already import a percentage (currently 10%) of our electricity needs, a figure which is likely to grow, unless we are able to increase our own capacity.

Unfortunately, despite all the talk and posturing, the promise of cleaner, renewable energy, particularly from wind, solar and tide, is still just that. Electrical energy cannot be stored, unless proposing banks of batteries, so when the wind stops blowing the power goes off. This means we still need to be able to generate electricity equivalent to 80% of the installed renewable energy capacity, using fossil fuelled stations, very inefficiently, on “spinning reserve”, or face black outs.

So what’s the answer? Isn’t it time we all reconsidered the nuclear option? With the experience gained since we built the world’s first commercial nuclear power station, the technology has dramatically evolved and improved. Today Nuclear Power offers the cheapest, cleanest and safe option for our growing energy needs with guaranteed security of supply.

This website sets out the case for nuclear energy in a factual, no nonsense approach, and attempts to correct the many misconceptions that exist. Each page takes you through the main arguments and attempts to set the case straight — please follow the links for further information and either leave a comment, or contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

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