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  • Global Warming

    What is Global Warming? Global warming is a phenomenon related to increased levels of carbon in the atmosphere, particularly carbon dioxide gas.  Carbon-dioxide is a chemical product of burning carbon-containing materials such as coal, oil, gas, wood and paper. Carbon dioxide is a ‘greenhouse gas’ meaning it has a particular property whereby it can absorb […]


    Joan Pye will be speaking today, 19 May 2009, at Sustainability Live, a conference accompanying an exhibition on Climate Change Solutions – Generating a Low Carbon Future at the NEC.  Other speakers include: The Rt Hon Ed Miliband – M.P Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change; Olwen Dutton, Chief Executive, Regional Partnership, WM […]

  • Fells Associates report

    Joan Pye and her supporters have been in touch with Professor Ian Fells, co-author of the recent report “A Pragmatic Energy Policy for the UK.”