• There are not “Too Many People on the Planet”

    It is reported that young people in the UK are most concerned with near-term societal challenges, in particular, the climate emergency, cost-of-living crisis and wellbeing. So when family or friends postulate that the reason for our climate problem is that ‘there are too many people on the planet‘, I wonder at the origin of their […]

  • Educational material: A Bird’s Eye View & LNT illustrations

    The Migration: The Bird Branes have chosen their family migration destination this year. Avoiding all those renewable hazards they are going to Chernobyl. How sensible! The safest place to go. Low-Level Radiation concerns: Henrietta learns that Mums like her don’t need to worry about mutations from nuclear power. Nuclear for Reliability: This illustration explains the […]

  • 10 Misconceptions about nuclear power

    CREDIT DUE TO Professor Wade Allison: Author of Radiation and Reason and Nuclear Is for Life

  • Global Warming

    What is Global Warming? Global warming is a phenomenon related to increased levels of carbon in the atmosphere, particularly carbon dioxide gas.  Carbon-dioxide is a chemical product of burning carbon-containing materials such as coal, oil, gas, wood and paper. Carbon dioxide is a ‘greenhouse gas’ meaning it has a particular property whereby it can absorb […]

  • Inevitable Breaches of Safety

    Unless you are a specialist on radiation, a lot can be left to the imagination, and as we cannot sense radioactivity, our fear comes from the unknown. From some careful reading around the subject, the collective agreement as to what makes a ‘safe’ level of radiation, are somewhat biased; recent research into the cell biology […]

  • Small Modular Reactors

    Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) are part of a new generation of nuclear power plant design being developed in several countries to supply small communities. Other than residential electricity capacity – which could theoretically support a small city in the UK residential capacity and not much else, their design is also suggested for use in high-power […]

  • Fukushima Lessons Learned

    Despite the negative press, the human health effects from radiation at Fukushima have been proven to be nil. So is it justified to label Fukushima a disaster? Perhaps the breach in the radiation levels as based on a dose-response relationship known as the linear non threshold (LNT) model is, for all intents and purposes a model […]


    Joan Pye will be speaking today, 19 May 2009, at Sustainability Live, a conference accompanying an exhibition on Climate Change Solutions – Generating a Low Carbon Future at the NEC.  Other speakers include: The Rt Hon Ed Miliband – M.P Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change; Olwen Dutton, Chief Executive, Regional Partnership, WM […]

  • Fells Associates report

    Joan Pye and her supporters have been in touch with Professor Ian Fells, co-author of the recent report “A Pragmatic Energy Policy for the UK.”

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